JLS Automation Case Study

Customers want video content — Check out this case study & the power of video

“We showed our video to a prospective customer and a week later had an order. This new video was that powerful.”

– Craig, President & CEO, JLS Automation

Craig said it best, “Video is such a powerful tool.” Video provides so many solutions beyond the often thought-of TV commercial. We’re constantly working with our clients to solve their pain-points with solutions like quality, custom videography and photography.

This past summer JLS Automation came to us with a project. They were working on a new product and needed to be able to deliver its capabilities and specs visually to a few prospective clients. “We showed it to another prospective customer and a week later we had an order.” Talk about ROI! We could tell you more, but we’ll let you see and hear it straight from Craig, President and CEO of JLS Automation.

Custom videography and photography can provide many solutions for today’s businessess – in any industry. Let’s have a conversation today about your business challenges and how Hayman Studio might help to solve them.

What we did

  • Location photography
  • Location videography
  • Location direction and interviews
  • Post-production photography editing
  • Post-production videography editing


  • Directly led to the sale of a similar system
  • Received over 1,000 video plays on JLS YouTube page
  • Used and shared across all JLS social media platforms
  • Used on company website home page
  • Played at trade show booth and during setup

Chub Loader Automation 1
Chub Loader Automation 2

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