Proven Process. Custom Solutions.

Take advantage of our experience

Our 70 years of experience is built on a foundation of forward thinking and innovative technology. Our team of skilled creatives use a process-led system. First, we work with you to identify your unique needs. Then, we develop the best solutions to reach your audience. We are located in York, PA, a hub to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and DC. Our 5,800 square foot studio provides a versatile space for productions of all sizes. But we’re not afraid to travel. We’ve supported creative projects in 26 states and Canada; we can accommodate whatever your design or production needs are at our place our yours.

When you work with us, our dedicated team brings you the Hayman Experience. That’s our team’s dedication to

  • really hearing your needs first and prioritizing open conversation
  • focusing attention on the process
  • fostering a productive, easy-going environment
  • offering professional, efficient turnaround
  • delivering exceptional quality solutions

Whether you need traditional or digital advertising, web site design, copy development, animation, photos, videos, or any combination of our capabilities, our full-service creative team has solutions for everything from marketing and advertising to training and documentation.


Our process-driven approach pairs our experience and knowledge with your team’s needs, concerns, and ideas. We listen, then we ask the right questions to extract the most accurate, useful information about your organization. Next, we establish and prioritize content and develop a highly personalized solution.


Planning and pre-production account for 90% of video project success. Our easy-flowing process from scripting to shot listing and shooting to editing efficiently positions your project to succeed, without stress, from the beginning.


Seven decades of experience set us apart. From food, people, and products to active industrial location shoots, we’re proud of our on-set directions, superior lighting, and the quality images we create.


Animation bolsters your messaging and provides a great solution when logistics are tricky. From moving text and motion graphics to character development and 2D/3D modeling, our team of experts provides a step-by-step process from concept to final product.


Our creative team is well-rounded and forward-thinking. Whether you need a technical brochure, an infographic, or a full-out animated commercial, we can do it all. Our art is tradition based and technology driven. We begin with a hand-sketched concept and deliver final products print- and digital-ready. Regardless of your industry or your challenges, our design team can develop a solution for you.

Web Development

We focus on clean design and best practices for usability. With a focus on your user’s experience, we’ll build your website on an easy-to-navigate structure and construct it on a platform that empowers you. We engineer all web development so you can edit the pages once your site is complete. Our development team provides comprehensive training, so you have complete control.


Fun + Professional + Quality Results