Penn State PRO Wellness

PRO Wellness uses infographics strategically placed throughout their campus to communicate a variety of topics to specific age groups and audience demographics. Hayman Studio has designed several of them.

Two of the most recent infographics were part of their Healthy Champions program. The first, “From ME to WE: The Power of Teamwork” had a Middle School and High School audience. The second, a Preschool and Elementary School audience was titled “ Turn Your Emotions Inside Out.” The third infographic we created, Break The Germ Cycle, used a super hero theme to communicate the importance of stopping the spread of germs to a younger demographic.

These infographics are also distributed across Pennsylvania to schools, camps, and other educational institutions.

Using key information from the PRO Wellness team, we designed well-balanced visuals that communicate just the right amount of information and graphics all in a poster-sized piece that definitely gets attention.

What we did

  • Created custom, hand drawn graphics and elements
  • Designed a variety of branded infographic concepts
  • Provided multiple color combination options