Evolution Products

We love unique companies that make unique products. They tend to have unique projects. Evolution Products makes a creative alternative for packaging large quantities of wire and rope. Because Hayman Studio offers creative ways to market industrial products, we were a perfect match to work together.

Evolution initially came to us to discuss photography and video needs. The conversation quickly turned to their website. It needed to be mobile-friendly and better optimized for search. They also needed to put a home-grown cost-savings tool used by their sales team on the website so customers could plug and play with the functionality. The calculator widget, as it’s affectionately known, needed to allow customers to enter the number of products they buy annually and what they spend annually on freight. The results returned were based on a 1-year, 2-year or 5-year cost-savings.

Furthermore, the new website needed to launch before an upcoming tradeshow. This tradeshow was an important milestone – it was where they would launch their new product – the Knock Down Drum. A first-of-its-kind product in the market. The Knock Down Drum offers unparalleled cost savings in addition to being recyclable and sustainable. This was certainly a unique product and not only did they need to show people how it worked at the tradeshow, they needed people to “get-it” immediately. They needed something that would do this in under 30 seconds.

What we did

  • Designed + developed website and custom website graphics for EvolutionProducts.com
  • 3D animated assembly/disassembly of the Knock Down Drum
  • Programmed a custom cost-savings calculator app
  • Product photography
  • Facility photography
  • Product video
  • Animated video